A 2020 Round-Up

Sherlock Recruitment – A 2020 Round Up

2020… where do we begin? As this year draws to a close, I think it is safe to say that most people are ready for this year to be over. I don’t think anybody could have predicted the year we’ve had and hope to never experience again! This said I think it is important to reflect on the good points and successes of the year because although it is easy to let the bad drown out all the good there has been plenty of reasons to look back on 2020 with pride in our business.

It goes without saying that we as a business have faced many challenges in 2020 due to the pandemic. We like many others have had periods of closure, reopening and uncertainty but we have come out stronger and more resilient each time. We as a team have shown incredible strength and feel that 2020 has shown us that we as a team are capable of any challenge we may face.

Sherlock Highlights 2020

  • Getting our employees back to work was definitely one of, if not the biggest successes for Sherlock Recruitment this year. During lockdown only essential sites were allowed to remain open and so we were operating with a skeleton crew. By the beginning of July we began to get a handle on things and have since continued to grow and are now operating at about 70/75% capacity which we believe is something to be incredibly proud of.
  • Sherlock HQ has undergone a makeover in 2020 with the installation of new windows, desks and painting and decorating works. A new office space has been something enjoyed by all employees on their return to the office after lockdown.
  • The introduction of some great new team members has been a huge highlight in 2020 as they are one of the reasons that Sherlock has managed to successfully come out the other side of this pandemic. Our team is stronger and more resilient than ever.
  • The introduction of some new software in our offices such as led to processes being easier, quicker and automated which saves time and money for the business. Anything that saves time and money is a major success in any business!
  • Expanding our client base despite these uncertain times is another huge win for Sherlock in 2020. We continue to supply staff to some of the biggest names in the construction industry and have great relationships with our clients. We have unique position to provide unprecedented market knowledge and insight which enables us to provide a valuable and quality recruitment service. We are a reputable and trusted agency in the construction industry which is why our client base continues to grow.


What does 2021 looks like for us?

2021 is going to be a big year for Sherlock Recruitment and we’ve many projects already in the pipeline.

  • Sherlock Recruitment plans to go international! We are in the process of securing projects in Europe beginning in 2021 and will be sending some of our employees abroad.
  • Sherlock Recruitment is going green: in 2021 we are making a commitment to be completely carbon neutral.
  • Projected growth: We as a business are going from strength to strength and are anticipating that we are going to grow by 50% over the coming year.
  • Service expansion: Sherlock is expending across the group with the introduction of new services available to our clients in the new year.
  • ISO-9001: Sherlock Recruitment is in the process of becoming ISO-9001 certified meaning we will be the first construction industry recruitment firm in Ireland to have this prestigious certification.

Despite all obstacles thrown our way we have had a strong and successful 2020 and look forward to a bigger and better 2021!