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Sherlock Helps Irish Contractors Grow

Sherlock Help Irish Contractors Grow Are you a small to medium-sized contractor having trouble securing public sector construction contracts? In a recent article Tom Parlon, CIF Director General was quoted saying “SME businesses account for 99% of businesses, yet smaller companies deliver less than one third of public sector projects. The current value of the public […]

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Tackling Construction Staff Shortages the Sherlock Way

The CSO’s Latest Report Highlights New Challenges This week the Central Statistics Office released together with the figures from the latest Labour Force Survey which highlighted how the Irish economy continues to boom. These reports showed a record 2.3 million people were employed in the Irish economy in the second quarter of 2019. What this […]

Construction Rate Increase

Rate Increase in 2019 The construction rate increase has been on Sherlock’s radar since April of this year; then it seems we barely blinked and it’s happening. The minimum rates of pay for workers in the construction sector are set to rise by 5.4% while rates in the electrical sector will increase by 2.7%. Workers in […]

Construction Safety Ireland

With a recent report from RTE on the Irish Safety standards. We are very proud to be on board with keeping sites safe and all the crews upskilled and more than capable. Sherlock Recruitment work with some of the biggest engineering and construction firms around Ireland. We are lucky enough to be working on some […]

Irish Construction International

The Irish construction industry is internationally renowned for high standards in quality, skill and safety. We boast a highly educated workforce and world-class expertise in construction and engineering, so it’s no wonder global tech giants have decided to set up shop in the Emerald Isle. The country’s largest construction companies are paving the way in […]

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The Changing Face of Ireland’s Construction Industry

The Construction Industry’s Landscape is Changing Fast As cranes spread across the skyline of every major city in the country and news of new large-scale developments emerge daily, one thing is certain – we are back building. And with this increased demand comes increased pressure to find talent for our sites. To its own detriment, […]

Quality Staff Keep Your Site Safe

Quality Workforce Summer is here and there is nothing like a spell of beautiful weather and a long stretch in the evenings to entice job seekers onto construction sites in the sunshine. The Irish construction industry is currently spending well over €400 000 000 a week; this is serious money. There are several large-scale projects […]

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Rates Increase for 2019

Some of the biggest news to hit the construction industry in Ireland in the last week has got to be the pending rate increase Sherlock recruitment has been keeping a close eye on the progression of the Union’s bid for an increase over the past few months and have written previously on the topic. It […]


Hiring and managing millennials

Recruiting a new generation, millennials onsite From what we hear about 60 to 70% of construction firms are having trouble filling current vacancies for qualified tradesmen while the demand for workers is continuously increasing throughout the country. Buildings continue going up despite the shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry. The deficit of manpower […]


Impact of labour costs on Irish construction

Labour Costs We have been talking a lot recently about the boom and growth in the construction industry across Ireland. We have also looked at challenges and risks that come with this kind of rapid growth, the scarcity of skills in the sector being one of them, another trend we have seen at Sherlock is […]