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Women in Construction Monday March 8th marked international women’s day. As the construction industry is a predominately male industry, we wanted to highlight the importance females in the Irish construction industry. Belinda O’Brien has worked for Sherlock Recruitment and is a passionate electrician who has worked in the construction industry for the past 14 years. […]

Our pledge to be Carbon Neutral in 2021

Sherlock Recruitment – Our quest to be Carbon Neutral As a socially and environmentally responsible business Sherlock Recruitment has made a pledge to become carbon neutral in 2021. This means that we as a company are conscious of any negative impacts we may have on the environment. Ireland is falling significantly behind target on commitments […]

A 2020 Round-Up

Sherlock Recruitment – A 2020 Round Up 2020… where do we begin? As this year draws to a close, I think it is safe to say that most people are ready for this year to be over. I don’t think anybody could have predicted the year we’ve had and hope to never experience again! This […]

Advice to contractors when using agencies

Advice to contractors when dealing with agencies As one of Ireland’s leading workforce solutions specializing in the recruitment of construction staff for the last 7 years, the employees of Sherlock recruitment feel that we are in a position to offer advice to contractors who work with agencies such as ourselves or others in our sector. […]

Why Sherlock Recruitment is not your typical recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies get some pretty negative press at times. A recruitment agency by definition is “a business that is paid to find suitable workers for other companies and organizations”, so why is a business so simple prone to such negativity? Below are some of the key myths about recruitment agencies and some reasons as to […]


Sherlock’s response to COVID-19

Sherlock’s Response to COVID-19 The COVID- 19 Pandemic has had a profound impact on the Irish Construction and Engineering industry both from an economic and regulatory perspective with many projects delayed or cancelled. As well as this, there have been many changes to regulations within the industry especially on site. Here at Sherlock, the health […]


Raising Funds for Cúnamh Iveragh 

Raising Funds for Cúnamh Iveragh    Damian Murphy. One of Sherlock’s recruiters decided at the beginning of June to start a small fundraiser for Cúnamh Iveragh.  https://www.facebook.com/respitehomeforadultswithspecialneeds/    Cúnamh Iveragh is set in South West Kerry and it supports children and young adults with special intellectual needs. It is made up of parents and friends of these special people and grown through the years. It provides many […]


New High Court Ruling- SEO Wage Legislation Deemed  Unconstitutional- Sherlock Recruitment

New High Court Ruling- SEO Wage Legislation Deemed  Unconstitutional- Sherlock Recruitment  This week saw the High Court rule on an existing SEO (Sectorlal employment Order). The SEO currently in place provides for set minimum pay and conditions for several workers primarily in the trades and labour sector.  The SEO fixes legally binding minimum rates of pay and employment conditions including a sick pay scheme and pension contributions for all employers in the sector […]


How to exit the COVID crisis on a stronger footing

Sherlock works with a number of small to medium-sized companies, many that were scaling rapidly and will use our services to increase site staff on a project basis.  The COVID crisis has hit them the hardest. Steve Bowcott CEO of John Sisk & Son recently expressed his concern about how the Irish Construction Industry has changed irreversibly and is predicted […]