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Higher Pay announced for Construction workers

Great News for the Construction Industry

From the beginning of February, a new minimum pay rate will be introduced for workers in the construction sector. Meaning workers will be paid a higher rate for their hard work.

More than 50,000 construction workers will benefit from this pay increase which will run into effect following an application to the court by trade unions for a review of pay.

According to the Sectoral Employment Orders (SEO), Currently, a craftsperson is paid at least 19.96 per hour, and according to the new scales, a craftsperson will be paid at least €20.52 per hour from next February, increasing to €21.09 an hour from February 1st, 2023.

A “category A” worker – such as a heavy machine operator or scaffolder with four years’ experience is currently being paid at least 19.37 an hour and according to the new scales they must be paid at least €19.91 per hour, increasing to €20.47 from February 2023.

A “category B” worker – or skilled general operative with more than two years’ experience – is currently being paid 17.97 per hour and under the new pay scales will be paid a minimum of €18.47, going up to €18.99.

Apprentices will be entitled to 33 percent of the craft rates in the first year, 50 percent in their second, 75 percent in their third, and 90 percent in their fourth.

The Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Damien English has said the new rates were “an important step on securing stability and growth” in the construction sector.

This is excellent news for the construction industry and gives workers an incentive to stay and join the construction workforce.

An update on the Construction industry post lockdown

To begin the construction Industry is used to cyclical downturns. But with Covid 19 being unprecedented it threw a spanner in the works. Projects were delayed all over the world and restrictions effectively shut down almost all construction output at the height of the crisis, except for a limited number of essential projects.

The health and safety of workers was the main priority throughout the pandemic. We believe the Construction Industry Federation is the main point of contact for Health and safety within the sector. They will be running a Construction safety week beginning on the 25th of October. The main goal of Safety week is to eliminate work-related accidents and injuries and to drive continual improvement in safety and health performance.

We recommend keeping an eye out for Construction safety week to keep up to date with guidelines from the CIF. we have partnered with CIF for Construction safety week and will be posting updates on our social platforms.

Numbers are a key aspect to understanding how the sector is performing, At the end of Q4 2019 the Irish construction sector employed over 147,700 people directly (CSO Labour Force Survey, Q4,2019).

The pandemic reduced that number significantly to an estimated 128,500 in Q2 in 2020. (CSO Covid-19 Adjusted Estimate). This number went up to 136,400 by the end of Q4 in 2020. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, Irish building contractors continue to meet the needs of global leaders at home and abroad. This is a resilient industry and one to be proud to work for. It continues to be a dynamic sector and its presence is growing substantially.

On October 22nd our country will see almost all restrictions being lifted. With public transport being back to full capacity this is a vital step for our industry as a lot of sites are in the heart of the city.

This date is significantly important for everyone in the country, it will see the reopening of venues such as Nightclubs and a return to normal opening hours for pubs and restaurants with vaccine certs required. This is great news meaning a safe return to a normal social aspect to our country.

Generally, the outlook for the construction industry in 2022 is overall quite positive. Although this is contingent on the re-opening of labor-intensive sectors and there not being any further measures related to Covid-19.

If one positive was to come from this situation it is that the construction industry is being jolted into a technological revolution, the pandemic could have very well been the catalyst needed to spring it into action. So, watch this space!

The Government in Ireland has shown an evident commitment to infrastructure as a response to the economic situation caused by the pandemic. With the Budget in 2022 allocating over €10 billion to capital investment. And on top of that, the National Development Plan, part of Project Ireland 2040, is currently being reviewed. Which will create an influx of employment within the industry.

The construction industry is a key sector in the Irish economy, an important industry to be a part of and to work for, a growing sector with immense opportunities.

If you are looking to fill a role or seeking a role within the Construction, Mechanical or Electrical fields do not hesitate to contact Sherlock Recruitment. 


Pay particular attention to your personal statement

The first place a hiring manager is going to look is at the top of the page on your CV. This is where you insert a summary of yourself. Make sure you start things off with something memorable and quick that gives them a clear idea of who you are and the work you are interested in. If you are a qualified tradesman include this in the summary or tell us about your specific title within the construction industry for example “General Labourer”.

Don’t write every single task of your current job

Try focus on key responsibilities and achievements within specific roles rather than listing all your day-to-day activities, we want to hear what your focus was within your role, to the point and the specifics, did you manage projects? Did you report to the Foreman? Did you plan tasks for the day, if so, we want to hear it!

Use bullet points to stay relevant and specific rather than long sentences and paragraphs. This will avoid the reader getting bored and keep them interested and intrigued.

Don’t forget the basics

Remember the basics within your CV such as spelling and grammar. This is an indicator to a contractor that you lack attention to detail. So, we would recommend proofreading your CV a few times and even ask someone else to proofread. An extra set of eyes won’t hurt!

Include All Certs and Tickets within your CV

If you have Certs and tickets, be sure to mention them in your CV and include them within your application. If you have more certs than someone this could be a key factor in getting a job over someone else.

Simplify your language and format:

Don’t use an excessive number of words to say something, keep it short and simple. Get to the point in a way that is easy for the reader to understand and quickly makes an impact. Use action verbs as much as possible. Also, avoid company-specific terminology that won’t translate to the reader.

Ensure your CV is easy to read and navigate

No CV should be longer than 2 pages at the most, no matter how many years you are working in the construction industry it should be condensed so the reader can clearly see your relevant and recent experience. The role titles must be clear, so we know what you have experience in.

This can be a difficult task if you have a lot of experience so you must be ruthless and start by eliminating information that is relevant to the role you are applying for.

Your personal details, personal statement, work experience, achievements, education, and hobbies all should be listed in a logical order. These are all important. Here at Sherlock, we need all this information in order to create a profile of you on our system.

Customise your CV to the job you are applying for

At Sherlock Recruitment we want to see all your construction experience. Ensure all your skills and experience is relevant to the job you are applying to. There is no need to put in your first job or any early education this all takes up valuable room for relevant skills and qualifications within the construction industry.

Provided you follow all these steps you should have no problem in obtaining an interview for the role you want. Send your up-to-date CV to Sherlock Recruitment today and we will be sure to find a role that is perfect for you.

References are important

It is extremely important you provide us with up-to-date references from your construction experience. This may be the previous Foreman you reported to or Contract Managers.

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