The Celtic Phoenix Rises: Irish Construction Sector Growth

All the indications are positive for the Irish Construction Industry, as the sector shows strong signs of recovery following a difficult period. The re-emergence of the Irish Construction sector is helping drive Ireland’s economy, and fuel this Celtic Phoenix.

The Celtic Phoenix is a term that’s been coined to describe the recent upsurge in Ireland’s economy. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the nations fortunes seem to on the upswing again.

The construction sector has an instrumental role to play in this process, as the government recently announced a €2.2 billion social house-building plan. This plan will be rolled out over the next three years. 10,000 new homes will be constructed by 2018, creating thousands of new jobs.

Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan said that Budget 2015;

“is about securing the recovery, building for the future and broadening it to families across the country…What we need is more houses.”

Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government, Alan Kelly said that;

“The issue of social housing is an absolute priority for this Government.”

He added that;

“The availability and supply of secure, affordable and adequate housing is essential in ensuring sustainable tenancies and ending long-term homelessness.”

Tom Parlon, Director of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) said that this budget announcement;

“marks a turning of the public spending tide for the sector. The increase in capital spending is very important to the construction industry… What’s important isn’t just that the funding has been increased, but that it has been set aside for construction-related projects.”

“The next step is to get the details of these projects so that Irish construction companies can start making the necessary preparations.”

At Sherlock Recruitment we’re seeing an upswing in staffing requirements, and a greater shortage of candidates. These labour shortfalls mean that hopefully many of Ireland’s emigrants will be able to return to our shores. Sooner rather than later.