Construction Safety Ireland

With a recent report from RTE on the Irish Safety standards. We are very proud to be on board with keeping sites safe and all the crews upskilled and more than capable.

Sherlock Recruitment work with some of the biggest engineering and construction firms around Ireland. We are lucky enough to be working on some of Ireland’s biggest and most exciting sites at the moment. These sites have a huge demand for quality manpower and tradesmen of all disciplines. A quick scan over our open vacancy Jobboard will give you an idea of the diversity and geographical reach we recruit for.

As much as we are passionate about getting Irish tradesmen working again and helping to facilitate the continued development of our cities, it certainly doesn’t come without it’s challenges. The diversity of people applying for positions is incredible, many moving across from other industries, some back home from living abroad, and some foreigners moving to the country. There so many tradesmen applying for roles who have the experience and qualifications required but have either failed to keep their safety certifications up to date, or have never actually done them to begin with. These are critical health and safety courses that are a minimum requirement to being onsite and the lack of these certs are becoming a major problem as large volumes of tradesmen are missing out on job opportunities simply because they have failed to update their certifications.

As recruiters it is incredibly frustrating for us to put in all the leg work of posting job specs, appealing for applications, reviewing the applications, finding the perfect CV, contacting the applicant and then finding out that their certs have expired. With the speed that roles get filled in the sector at the moment, if there are any delays those roles are filled within days.

We’re sure there’s nothing more disheartening for these applicants than missing out on the quality contracts or that step up on to the ladder they have been hungry for. So what  Sherlock have done to try to ensure this doesn’t happen is to open our week up and have our trainers offer a manual handling, abrasive wheels and safe pass courses every day of the week. This is to help both members of the public and tradesmen, but also companies who need to get their staff trained up in order to be legally compliant.

The Irish Construction Industry is paving the way in Europe and setting the standard for quality and safety onsite. To maintain this standard, workers are legally required to hold valid Safe passes and manual handling certs before they can begin site work. As well as supplying staffing solutions to the leading contractors in the industry, Sherlock offer a range of health and safety courses that are essential for the majority of work in the industry right now. We run our training courses to ensure that our candidates always meet the industry standard and that our sites maintain their compliance from start to finish; from jobseekers in the industry, tradesmen onsite or seeking to up-skill and even large bookings for our clients.

Our courses are delivered by top industry experts every day, so whether it’s a course for you alone or a large group onsite, you know you’ll be in safe hands with Sherlock Recruitment and Training.

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