Battling to progress your career?

Have you got all the skills and the work experience but still battling to find yourself stable and secure work?

New data just out shows that “job hopping” has the potential to damage a person’s career progression according to recent research from a global recruiting giant. The study shows that 65% of employers opted not to interview someone who has had a number of short-tenure jobs in the past.

Employers on average consider six months to be a short-tenure to spend in a job, while employees consider 11 months a short time.
The research tells us that most employers considered having four short tenure jobs on CVs would qualify a candidate as a job hopper. With one in four such employers admitting to not interviewing a candidate for that reason.
Many employees surveyed said that job hopping may be viewed as “disloyal, indecisive and a negative” by recruiters and employer, while only 29% felt that it would ultimately hurt their career. 14% of workers felt that moving among various jobs was a positive for their career, presenting a chance to learn new skills, demonstrate their adaptability, boost their CV and make connections to further their career.
When asked what an acceptable amount of time was to stay in a job to gain experience and progress your career, employers and employees shared more common ground. Employers on average agreed 16 months was a suitable amount of time while employees believed it was 19-20 months.

Employment in the construction industry can be a little different with a lot of jobs being on a project by project basis so moving from site to site is not uncommon. However, changing companies regularly can get flagged as a potential risk by HR departments or hiring managers within the industry.
This is seen either as a reflection of the person capabilities to do the job or their ability to work onsite with other workers. This is where working with a staffing agency like Sherlock Recruitment can be a massive help for job seekers to gain some stability on their CVs.
When you join an agency like Sherlock as an employee, you are treated as any other full-time employee. Sherlock takes care of your PAYE, and all the legislative obligations, you are legally employed by Sherlock. Although you might be moved from one site to another as required or as the projects are closed. Sherlock will manage all of this for the employee, and you remain employed by Sherlock.

There are multiple benefits to this; not only do you get the stability and all the benefits of long-term employment with an organisation, but you are still exposed to many different projects, gaining hugely valuable experience and knowledge. You get to work with a number of different teams expanding your network and improving your career prospects while still maintaining stability on your CV, teaming with Sherlock gives you the best of both worlds.

Employers feel it is acceptable for a candidate to move organisations three times in a five-year period, according to the research. But in construction, you can quickly work on more projects than this in a single year. So you can clearly see how working with a company like Sherlock you are able to avoid the risk of being seen as a job hopper and you can keep your career progressing forward.

Sherlock Recruitment is a leading supplier of staffing and training solutions to the construction industry across Ireland. We work with some of the biggest engineering and construction firms in the country and are one of the suppliers of staff to the industry. Sherlock also has a fully established training department, which will get you onsite simpler and faster with fully accredited courses. These courses are offered to all our staff as well as the public who are interested in joining Ireland’s booming construction industry or merely to upskill.