Height Restrictions Changed

Height Restrictions Changed

Current height restrictions on city buildings in Ireland has weakened our ability to respond to the housing crisis that we are experiencing today. To start making changes to this, the restrictions must be reconsidered. By doing this, it will combat the increasing growth of urban sprawl and the decrease in the amount of green space in the country.

In light of Green Building Week two weeks ago and the campaign #OurHeroIsZero, Sherlock Recruitment would like to discuss the benefits of the Government choosing to reconsider height restrictions on buildings in cities in Ireland. Construction of buildings such as these can be more functional, efficient and environmentally friendly than people think.

Alleviate Congestion

By putting an end to height restrictions, high-density commercial and housing properties can be built and help to alleviate some of the growing congestion problems in Dublin. In turn, these will contribute to a decrease in commuting times overall. It will also mitigate some of the housing and commercial space shortages which we are having without adding to urban sprawl.

Better Economically

There is a common misconception that tall buildings are not economically friendly. This is not true as according to Harvard Economics Professor Edward Glaeser, “high-density living can be pretty green.”1 They are not better economically because of the green space they save but because heating, cooling and water systems are operating in a smaller area and so they use less energy overall. Take for example a heating system. Less energy is used to push heat through fewer square feet than it would if it were heating an entire house. This is not only energy efficient but cost effective too.

Natural Lighting

The economic benefits of tall commercial buildings do not stop at more efficient heating and cooling systems. Tall buildings receive more sunlight and thus if commercial buildings are constructed as light sources. As a result, less energy is used for lighting the building as there are natural light sources all over thus this supports the campaign #OurHeroIsZero.

Urban Sprawl Addressed

The problem of urban sprawl is addressed by mitigating the restrictions on the height of buildings as it will no longer be necessary to build outward but upward instead. In effect, this begins the conservation of green space outside of cities.

We support the campaign to build upward, not outward.