How to reduce risks in your company


How to reduce risks in your company

Every workplace has a hazard; the employer has a legal responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for their employees. Identifying, monitoring and reducing any risks associated with workplace hazards is very important so it can prevent accidents, lost revenue and legal liabilities. Everybody in the company has a role to play and needs to be vigilant regularly for any possible danger that can arise.

Depending on the work you do, some hazards are more or not likely to be present in some working environment than others which is why it is crucial to have a safety management system that works for your organisation.

– Be committed to creating a safe and healthy working environment for yourself and others. Create a system that everyone agrees to and can apply. If you are an employer, commit the resources necessary (time, money etc.) to ensure your employees are safe. Prioritise responding to all report of unsafe or unhealthy conditions or work practices and always find out why injuries or illnesses occur in the workplace.

–  Encourage your employees to be involved in health and safety. Ask them to recall any incidents and injuries that took place in the past and discuss what had happened. Make sure the issue has been solved to prevent any similar unfortunate events happening in the future.

Welcome any concerns from the staff about their health and safety around the workplace.

– Identify potential risks that can happen around the work environment. Find out what could cause the harm and determine how employees might be in danger. Assess the risk and evaluate the outcome. Correct the issue immediately and implement the most effective plan and reasonably control measure.

– Provide general health and safety training programme for employees. Some workers may be exposed to certain hazards and risks than others therefore specific training will be necessary for them on how to do their jobs safely, for example, if they are working on a particular machine in the construction field etc.

– Consult employees of the solutions to the potential health and safety hazards, this will inform them of the different actions they may need to take if an incident arises. Regularly review your health and safety system and apply any changes that need to be made.

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