Importance of Construction Training


Importance of Construction Training

During August 2017, the rate of job creation in the construction industry has increased. This has been the most substantial and fastest growth since April according to the Ulster Bank Construction PMI report in the Irish Building Magazine. The latest data also signalled positivity in the sector for the future as it appears the industry is set for an increase in activity over the next 12 months. However, despite the major growth in the industry there appears to be a lack of skilled workforce which has led to the sector struggling to find enough qualified workers to staff the growing demand for construction projects.

So, how can your company use construction training programmes to their advantage for a more skilled workforce?


As a construction training programme, apprenticeships give companies an opportunity to train their prospective workers in many crafts before offering specialised upskilling opportunities. This ensures that the employee has undergone proper training and is aware of best practices on site for safety purposes.

Reducing Risks

Preparing your employees with adequate training on the jobs will overall reduce any risks present. It will reduce the chance of onsite injuries and make workers more aware of their surroundings. To benefit workers further, companies can use online software that allows employees to access any training content at any time. This can also be updated and change, simplifying the process of keeping workers updated on any changes.

Health and Safety Training

Lack of health and safety training of staff can pose some legal issues for your business which is why construction companies must invest in their employees from the moment they are hired and throughout their career. Our sister-company Sherlock Safety provides some safety courses for construction workers such as our manual handling and safe pass course.

Makes Company More Attractive

People want to work for companies that will invest in them and help them to develop as skilled and knowledgeable employees. Therefore, by investing in construction training programmes,

it will make prospective construction employees more attracted to your construction company over its competitors.

By providing training opportunities for employees in your company, it will create an environment where employees feel valued and thrive. Thus, creating more job satisfaction that will ensure that employees stick around longer. This will help your company’s image as staff turnover will be low.

When you can offer more opportunities to prospective clients, recruitment will become easier. If you have any openings in your company, be sure to get in touch.