Irish Construction International

The Irish construction industry is internationally renowned for high standards in quality, skill and safety. We boast a highly educated workforce and world-class expertise in construction and engineering, so it’s no wonder global tech giants have decided to set up shop in the Emerald Isle. The country’s largest construction companies are paving the way in data centre, pharma and other complex builds, both domestically and internationally, making Ireland the hub of high-tech construction in Europe.According to the Irish Times, Dublin has about 24% of the EU’s data centre market, falling marginally behind London. Investment in data centre construction in Ireland has tripled in the last 4 years, bringing the average annual spend up to €1.3 billion. It’s no coincidence that the combined turnover for CIF’s top 50 contractors has also risen by 25% from 2017. The rapid rise in turnover is reflective of a strong recovery following the downturn, spurred on by a demand for high-tech builds. With data centre investments predicted to reach €10 billion by 2022, we can be certain that our industry is set to flourish and gain even more international recognition in the coming years.
At present, there are 53 data centres active in Ireland and 29 under development. Dublin is home to four of the five leading data centres in the European market, with tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Intel active and investing in operations here. This high volume of activity has helped Irish companies gain a strong reputation in data centre construction along with our high levels of expertise in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering.
Although all sectors of the industry are improving, Tom Parlon of CIF notes that our skill and knowledge in data centre construction is a key driver of growth. During the recession, many contractors developed business relations abroad, which has been accredited as a key factor in spurring on the current building boom. An export-driven strategy for the industry seems to be the answer moving forward, as CIF will be working alongside Enterprise Ireland to ensure steady and continuous growth home and abroad.
Many companies we have worked alongside are staying ahead of industry developments and are establishing themselves outside of Ireland and many are expanding their business. Jones Engineering, DPS, Kirby and Ardmac are a few of the Irish contractors who have noticed the increasing number of data centre/pharma clients in the Benelux region and are expanding/developing there. Meanwhile in Ireland, with such high demand for talent, Sherlock Recruitment have also began recruiting from outside of Irish boarders to consider sources and are broadening our scope for skilled candidates. A shift has taken place; contractors are looking towards Europe to ensure steady growth, while recruiters are looking to import quality staff to meet the current demand.
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