Quality Staff Keep Your Site Safe

Quality Workforce

Summer is here and there is nothing like a spell of beautiful weather and a long stretch in the evenings to entice job seekers onto construction sites in the sunshine. The Irish construction industry is currently spending well over €400 000 000 a week; this is serious money. There are several large-scale projects going on, with major machinery, lots of manpower, resources and equipment, all increasing your risk exposure should anything go wrong. 90% of incidents on construction sites are caused by human error, so making sure you have the best possible workforce is crucial to the security of your site. Manpower is getting harder and harder to find as Ireland has reached its highest levels of employment in history, according to the CSO. How are your teams doing with recruiting the best possible staff for your projects?

With the potential horror stories that come from having unqualified or ill-equipped staff on site not having the right people in place is just not worth the risk. Sherlock Recruitment understands this risk more than most. We are one of the leading employers of M&E and construction operatives in the country and deal first-hand with the same challenges many of our clients face as well; how do we manage this risk to our own company and our clients?

First, we begin with one of the most effective ways to avoid this risk – an incredibly stringent screening process. At Sherlock, we double check all our candidate’s qualifications, certifications and health and safety validations. Once registered with us, we track and manage their Health and Safety certifications to make sure everyone stays up to date and within the Health & Safety parameters. Sherlock also takes the time to call and check references of each candidate regardless. This is a vital part of the screening process and makes sure candidates are a contributing and valuable member of the workforce, an employee that we can proudly put onsite or as a candidate for permanent positions. Moreover, if the position is a temporary role, we will keep the candidate on our books for the duration of the project, limiting our client’s exposure to any potential risk.

Having been in business for over five years, we’ve been privileged enough to have worked on some of the biggest construction sites, including datacentres and major industrial builds in Cork, Kilkenny, Leinster and Connaught. We are known for never compromising on the quality of staff or shortcutting on the recruitment process, for having an extensive database of qualified tradesmen and for protecting our clients as much as possible.

Working with an organisation like Sherlock and letting us shoulder the risk is your best bet in safeguarding your own company, building site and workforce.

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