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SOLAS and Safe Pass.

It’s no surprise at this stage that building is back!

The Irish construction industry is in full swing with names like the Celtic Phoenix are being thrown around prospects are nothing but rosy at this stage. Construction Activity continues to grow in Ireland and projections for the future are not showing any signs of slowing.

While the housing sector is showing particularly strong growth, positive signs are also there in the commercial and civil engineering sectors that are booming.

I don’t think there is a person in the industry that isn’t breathing a deep sigh of relief after some tough years. All the builders, carpenters, electricians and plumbers and the like are returning to some sense of normality with exciting growth prospects. Many even making the journey home from distant shores.

However with this boom comes the increased risk and a return to construction-related accidents, risk to organisations and to those working on site.

Next to agriculture, construction is without a doubt one of the most dangerous occupations. Year after year the statistics highlight the dangers of working in construction-related trades and bring attention to the need for proper basic safety training.

The majority of this burden falls onto the employer, and they have a responsibility under law to ensure that employees are given sufficient instruction, training, supervision and information so that health and safety on site are maintained.

The compulsory gold-standard for safety in construction remains a SOLAS certified Safe Pass and employers with employees working in building or on construction sites must ensure that their employees are all given a valid, certified and up to date Safe Pass training – and this needs to be renewed every 4 years. This is a legal requirement.

Sherlock recruitment is one of the leading suppliers of staffing and training to the construction industry throughout Ireland. In order to support our client’s needs, Sherlock now runs daily Safe Pass and Manual Handling courses. These courses are run every day of the week and an additional Safe Pass on Saturdays. This is to ensure that our clients can schedule in their training as efficiently as possible to minimise delays and disruptions on site.

In addition to these daily courses Sherlock also offers:

Abrasive Wheel, MEWP and many others.

As the demand has increased and due to our extensive network around the country, we can offer safe pass and Manual handling courses countrywide.

Typically a Safe Pass course is a day-long course, and we can attach the manual handling to the end of the day so you can get your staff fully certified and ready to be on site the next day.

Sherlock is a big believer in promoting a safety culture on site and is proud to proud to be one of the leading providers of Safe Pass training in Ireland.

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