Safety First Says Sherlock


Keeping Construction Teams Safe

Throughout 2018 the construction industry in Ireland has continued to recover with growth rates exceeding the initially anticipated 14%, with current real figures currently sitting around the 20% mark.

Growth figures like this don’t come without their challenges. Due to the recession in the 00’s many of the well-trained tradesmen were forced to leave the country to find work. Leaving today’s Ireland with real challenges in providing capacity and quality of staff needed to deliver on the development goals. The rollover implications of this diminished capacity and high demand are that many companies choose to sidestep vital health and safety certifications, putting not only their workmen at risk but also their organisations.  The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) run a Safety Awareness Week in October driving awareness throughout the industry in an attempt to avoid companies getting complacent on the issue of safety on sites.

Sherlock Recruitment has partnered with the CIF for Safety Week in October 2018 but taking it one step further. Sherlock recruitment has dedicating the entire month to helping companies manage their crew’s safety certifications, drive continued safety awareness throughout their organisations and help reduce injuries and fatalities on sites.

Known for always taking care of their operatives wherever they are in the country Sherlock has now taken their safety first attitude one step further. They are offering a free onsite Safety Certification Audit to organisations throughout the construction industry. They have made this is a free service because of their belief that there shouldn’t be any excuses when it comes to safety. This free service is designed to assist organisations to manage all their staff’s health and safety certifications, drive safety awareness and get you on track with all legal requirements keeping sites, projects and team members protected.

Tom Parlon, Director General, CIF said:

“The CIF is asking companies to make 2018 the safest year in construction so far. A huge amount of work has been done to change behaviour and instil strong safety cultures in sites across Ireland. However, fatalities and non-fatal injuries are often concentrated amongst the small enterprises and sole traders in the industry… Overall, construction is fifth in terms of non-fatal accidents. Considering we employ over 140,000 employees, delivering millions of hours of activity every year, it’s evident that safety is a key focus for our companies. However, the very nature of construction work means that the potential for an accident is always present. Complacency can be a killer.

As our industry continues to recover, more workers will be coming into the industry, and more companies will be formed… We have a responsibility to constantly refresh awareness of health and safety on site to make sure new employees entering the industry have the knowledge and skills necessary to keep safe and well.”

Sherlock Recruitment is a tenacious young company providing staffing solutions to the construction industry across Ireland. Managing their client’s staffing requirements, from sourcing, vetting through to time and payroll management, they are determined to make 2018 the safest year yet.




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