Sherlock Recruitment is one of Ireland’s leading staffing solutions in the Construction, Manual Labour, and Training Industries. Based in Dublin, Sherlock Recruitment offers a full-service recruitment and labour supply agency; specialising in construction jobs.

Sherlock Recruitment quickly established itself as a leading supplier of staff for construction jobs in Ireland. We have a strong reputation in mechanical engineering and electrical jobs; as well as general building industries. Sherlock Recruitment’s expertise also extends to supplying staff to the following sectors: office, logistics, warehousing, cleaning, and security. Sherlock Recruitment has a history of supplying high-volume, quality staff at short notice to these sectors. At Sherlock Recruitment we look after both our clients and candidates to suit the roles and jobs at hand.


Cost Savings

By utilising Sherlock for your staffing needs you can make big savings. We will take care of all the administration costs associated with hiring and maintaining your staff. We will also cover all the advertising costs that also come with recruiting; meaning you can then spend your valuable time and money elsewhere.


As a specialist staffing organisation, we have experienced staff who know and understand precisely the requirements of the client. Our team will build a tailored recruitment process to match your exact needs. This involves the analysis of an in-house database of exceptional tradesmen alongside the initiation of a comprehensive advertising campaign.


Working with Sherlock allows you to scale your workforce to meet demands and efficiently secure top-quality staff. We offer full client and staff support so you know you’re in safe hands.


If you’re interested in what we have to offer, a member of our team would be delighted to chat with you. You can call us on 01 456 8438 or contact us here.