World Green Building Week – Net Zero Buildings

As this week is World Green Building Week, we feel it is important to discuss the concept of Net Zero Carbon Buildings and the World Green Building Council’s ambitious aim to achieve 100% Net Zero Buildings by 2050. The campaign for zero carbon emission buildings has accelerated in recent years as the impact of climate change has become more prevalent throughout the world. The objective behind this has become more feasible with advances in construction technologies and renewable energy.

What are Net Zero Buildings?

A net zero building is a highly energy efficient building that has zero net energy consumption. This means that the total amount of annual carbon emissions of a building is offset by the amount of carbon-free renewable energy that is produced on-site or nearby.

What is ‘World Green Building Week’?

It is an annual global event that encourages the green building community to deliver green buildings everywhere. This year the focus of the campaign is to make all buildings, both new and existing, net zero by 2050. The #OurHeroIsZero campaign is led by the WGBC and its network of more than 70 Green Building Councils and their 32,000 member companies.

Buildings account for over a third of global carbon emissions. So, there is an emphasis on Net Zero Building becoming standard building practice in the coming years. This is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions from buildings by using highly efficient and clean energy such as solar or wind energy that may be generated on-site or close-by. The aim of this campaign is to have all new buildings operating at net zero carbon from 2030 and the renovations of existing buildings completed to a net zero standard by 2050 so that all buildings will operate with net zero carbon emissions.

As of yet, there are no set metrics for ‘net zero energy’ buildings however, here are some of the main steps that can be taken to achieve net zero standard:

  • Generate renewable energy on-site or procure it from a nearby source.
  • Assess buildings emissions and take required steps to reduce them.
  • Minimize energy requirements with exemplary design.

Get Involved This Week

The Irish Green Building Council has many opportunities that will help you to join the Green Building Week Campaign. Some options include:

  • Inviting a Green Building Expert to give a talk.
  • Host an #OurHeroIsZero event, conference, webinar, tour or net zero building open house event.
  • Join the conversation on Social Media using #OurHeroIsZero.

Some events include:

The zero net energy consumption principle promotes the reduction of carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Here at Sherlock Recruitment, we support this 100%.

Remember #OurHeroIsZero!